Our Firm was founded in 1983 by Drs. Esteban Raúl Eulalio Vergara, Gonzalo Manuel Vergara and Horacio Esteban Rébori, under the name “REBORI & VERGARA Abogados”.

Over the years, the retirement of some partners and the incorporation of others and new generations, the Firm changed its name to the current one: “VERGARA & ASOCIADOS”.

A distinctive feature of our Firm is that both its founders and those who currently integrate it, we have started our professional career in the National and Federal Justice in Criminal and Correctional Law, which is an important added value considering the relevant litigation activity that involves the exercise of criminal law.

Drs. Horacio Esteban Rébori and Esteban R. E. Vergara, with an extensive judicial career, served in all the positions of Crime Justice, both Chamber Judges being appointed, the first of them in the National Chamber of Criminal and Correctional Law and the second in the National Cassation Chamber of Criminal Law.

For their turn, Drs. Gonzalo M. Vergara and Esteban R. Vergara (h), already in the exercise of the profession after their passage through the National Criminal Justice, were appointed as co judges of the Federal Courts of San Isidro and surrogate Chief Prosecutors of the Federal Prosecutors’ Offices of San Isidro, and the last of them is a Co Judge of the NationalCassation  Chamber of Criminal Lay.

Similarly, some of our members formed part of prestigious entities such as the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CRIMINAL LAW (AIDP), were founders of the ARGENTINE FOUNDATION FOR THE STUDY AND ANALYSIS OF THE PREVENTION OF MONEY LAUNDERING AND FINANCING OF TERRORISM (FAPLA)  and had the distinction of being advisers to the most honorable public organisms and high officials of our country.

Regarding our professional service, we can proudly say that a characteristic that distinguishes us is the personalized attention we give to each and every one of our clients.

Without renouncing the practice of Criminal Law in general, attending to the expansion and complexity of criminal legislation and with the aim of satisfying the new needs of our clients, we have oriented our professional practice towards criminal problems related to economic and business activity (economic and business criminal law), offering both judicial representation for criminal defenses and complaints and an advisory, consulting and compliance service for decision-making and goal achievement.

Such demands of modern criminal law also motivated us to always deepen our academic careers and, in this matter, to carry out specialization courses both local and abroad and to achieve postgraduate studies (LLM, PhD, etc) in areas related to the specific activity of our clients: economic and business law.

Thus, we provide advice to both natural and legal persons of the most diverse areas, such as banking, financial, industrial, insurance, telecommunications, technological, security, oil, automotive, food, construction, among many others.

We have managed to form, with effort and dedication, a true work team that we put at the service of our clients. Even today we have a network of correspondents in criminal matters throughout the territory of the Republic, which allows us to provide assistance anywhere in the country.

We also have correspondents in the countries of the region, as well as in the US, Mexico, Spain, Italy, France and Switzerland, among others.

On the other hand, as part of our constant process of adaptation to new contexts, we have opened a new headquarter strategically located in the city of San Isidro, which has allowed us to maintain the closeness and personalized attention of clients who have installed their activity at the provincial territory and deepen our experience of judicial action before the Justice of the Province of Buenos Aires.

Finally, as regards other branches of law, we are closely related to first-line law firms with which we carry out constant teamwork.